Phone Zap: #AliveForTheHolidays

Join us each Wednesday, 12:00PM-12:30PM Central Standard Time, for weekly phone zaps, as we come together over video chat and demand for the release and safety of our incarcerated and detained community members. Please find more details, phone numbers, and call scripts below if you can’t join us for the weekly video call; let's keep their phones ringing around the clock!

Link: Alive for the Holidays Jitsi Room

COVID 19 has been ravaging through the prisons in Minnesota, with major outbreaks in the Faribault, St. Cloud and more recently Stillwater prisons. A letter written by Carlos Smith, currently at Stillwater prison and who tested positive for COVID 19, highlights the inhumanity of locking people up during a deadly pandemic. In this powerful letter, he speaks of the terrible conditions in the Stillwater prison, the toll on his and other inmates’ mental and physical well being, the continued intake of new prisoners leading to more outbreaks, and the DOC stripping them of their already meagre pay. “I would like for people to understand this is a human dignity issue and at this hour it’s not feeling like our lives matter that much.” Click here to view the full letter.

Governor Tim Walz and Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm have abdicated their responsibility to protect people in prisons, jails, and detention centers from COVID-19--first and foremost, by freeing them. In effect, they have adopted for these populations the discredited policy of herd immunity, aka ‘do nothing.’ This is immoral and unsafe for our incarcerated community members. This puts every single incarcerated and detained person at great risk (and also facilitates broader spread in the state).

As the holiday season approaches, the loved ones of the incarcerated community have to worry about their safety and well being. Together, let's tell Governor Walz and Commissioner Malcolm to keep our incarcerated community members #AliveForTheHolidays. We have to give people like Carlos and his family this basic human right.

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