As this second, more deadlier wave of the coronavirus spreads through custodial and state facilities, I am calling on Governor Walz/ Commissioner Malcolm to:

1) Sanction the compassionate medical release of vulnerable people with "warm hand-off" to safe settings (including but not limited to people over 60 years of age, with pre-existing medical conditions, and currently pregnant)

2) Shut the front door: stop taking in new people whose sentences could be reduced or any new immigrant detainees

3) Immediate adequate medical care and health compliance in all facilities

4) Phase out all contracts with ICE

5) Immediate moratorium on all transfers and deportations, which have been called “a means of biological warfare”, spreading COVID-19 around the country and the globe.

In summary, enact the proposed Executive Order from the ACLU, “Controlling COVID-19 Transmission and Mortality by Reducing Certain Populations in State and Local Custodial Facilities”. These are low-cost solutions that must happen immediately to save lives.